When you get in the zone, don’t second guess it

Waits once explained that in his songwriting process, his only goal was to get what comes and keep it alive. It’s like carrying water in your hands, he said, I want to keep it all but sometimes by the time you get to the studio you have nothing. 

That’s nature of inspiration. Ideas are like an ocean under a fickle moon. And so, when you get into the zone, don’t second guess it. When neurons are going off like fireworks, follow that energy and mine that vein as long as you possibly can. 

If that means being a few minutes late to dinner, so be it. If that means staying up unusually late to capitalize on the creative impulse, so bet it. If that means establishing a code word that alerts people when you’re in the creative rapids, so be it. 

There’s fantastic book about the power of unintentional music. Arye reminds us that when inspiration comes, our challenge is to open up to it, to believe it is a divine spark expressing itself through us. No matter what bubbles up, we need to learn to love and appreciate it. No matter how strange it may seem or how much it seems to go against what we had intended to say or create, we should honor it by at least hearing it out, by finding out what it has to say. 

When you get into the zone, don’t second guess it. Don’t try to change nature, follow it. Align yourself with the flow of process. Love whatever is happening to you, stay with it and trust that it will lead you to where you ultimately want to go. 


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