Whatever it takes to keep the shit at shoe level

We all do what we have to do to keep
the peace inside ourselves. 

Whether it’s a private ceremony, a magic object, a
daily practice, a dopey mantra, a motivational exercise, a weird habit, a
bizarre compulsion or an obsessive tendency, there’s no need to judge

If that thing supports us in making our lives feel less difficult,
if it allows us to carve out our own little corner of dignity, if it provides
us with a safe haven from the whirling chaos and madness of the rest of the
world, and if it helps us reduce our inner turbulence and maintain the
continuity of our existence, then it’s worth doing. 

No justification,
explanation or rationalization necessary. 

Keeping the shit at shoe level is a
lifelong task. It takes a metric ton of thought power. 

And so, we have a
responsibility to direct compassion and kindness inward. To save some
acceptance for ourselves. 

But also to extend that same understanding to others.
Because what may appear on the surface as a dysfunctional way of dealing with
emotions, might simply be that person’s healthiest and most helpful way of
keeping the peace inside themselves. 

I have a nurse friend who works hospital
hours, which often requires back to back overnight shifts, followed by back to
back daytime shifts. It’s massively fatiguing. She rarely has a consistent
schedule, struggles to organize her time and often feels disconnected from
friends and family members. 

And so, she takes sleeping pills. Not compulsively, and proudly, but
not begrudgingly either. 

Because it’s one of the few effective ways combat the
insomnia associated with odd work hours. And although it personally makes me
nauseous to even think about taking
sleeping pills, I’m still empathetic to her struggle. 

Because people do what
they need to do to feel the way they need to feel. Whatever it takes to keep
the shit at shoe level. 

And we owe it to each other to have compassion for
myriad causes and conditions that lead people to act as they do. 


Are you demeaning or pathologizing people’s choices, interests or expressions because they’re unlike yours? 

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