What We Really Need is a Good Low

Our species spends a lot of money trying to buy happiness.

And a lot of the time, it works. For a little

But if nothing is ever wrong – something is
probably wrong.

Suffering is underrated. It’s a healthy, human reality. It’s
an essential part of the life experience. And if we’re trying to scrub our
world clean of it, we’ll never grow. We’ll never reach our full potential.

Sometimes, what we really need is a good low.

We need life to hand us a pile of shit.

Some situation, some feeling or some experience that calls
upon our resiliency. Something that tests us. Something that reminds us that
we’re alive and real and human and imperfect – and that with a little help from
our friends – we’ll pull through with flying colors.

Are we vulnerable enough to open ourselves to the low?

Are we thankful enough to give thanks when it comes?

Are we buoyant enough to bounce back when it goes?

Hope so.

Because it’s certainly a lot cheaper than buying another
pair of sandals.


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