What to eliminate versus what to create

We all have the same dream. 

To be engaged in activities we would rather continue than stop. To spend little time spent in situations we would wish to escape. To be in a position to organize our life around our highest aspirations and deepest values. 

And yet, most of our goals toward that dream fail because of a misappropriation of energy. 

Instead of focusing our efforts on creating what we want, we devote ourselves to eliminating what we don’t want. And that’s when our subconscious mind locks in. 

We start demonizing it and giving it energy and create any unnecessary psychological fuel around it, and before we know it, that thing that we don’t want so badly, suddenly has a power source. 

Parents of young children deal with this on a daily basis. When their kids are still developing the ability to manager their emotions, they learn to cope with strong feelings by looking to the parents for help. 

And so, when the toddler trips and falls in the middle of the sidewalk, the mother doesn’t shriek and run over to the child and pick him up and start comforting and soothing him. Because kids are hypersensitive to parental energy. That would only exacerbate the situation.

Instead, the parent refuses to give the fall any power. She remains calm, tells the kid they’re fine, celebrates the accomplishment of getting back up, and continues walking. 

She focuses on what she wants to create, not what she wants to eliminate. Which puts her in the position of cause, not effect. 

The same goes for each of us. Our orientation towards our goals must remain positive. 

Because the only thing worse than not taking action on our dreams, is giving energy to our nightmares. 


Instead of grumbling about something that bothers us, we building something more powerful that takes the place of your old life?
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