What does this feeling want from me?

Most of us
erect walls against our extreme feelings. 

We decide which parts of our
emotional experience we’re not going to have, and then, rather than face the
feelings, we distract ourselves with immediate satisfactions. 

Which helps in
the moment, but after a while, we start to pay a price for the things we’re
hiding from ourselves. That which we suppress finds a home in the body. And our
feelings transmogrify into illnesses, stomach pains, muscle cramps, skin
problems and other uncomfortable psychosomatic symptoms. 

A smarter approach is
to personify the extreme parts of ourselves in ways that allow us to be
affectionate, not avoidant, toward them. To literally ask ourselves:

What does
this feeling want from me? 

One exercise I find helpful is forced vomiting. It’s
a daily journaling ritual of emotional release where I metabolize my
experiences, in writing, for three pages. 

I keep asking myself, what does this
feeling want from me, and see what answers come up. 

And what’s interesting
about the process is, by fleshing out every last feeling I have about a certain
issue, eventually, I reach a point where I just bore and exhaust myself with
it. I express the same thing again
and again and again until I have gone through it to the other side and there’s
nothing left to say. 

And now I can move on. 

Sure beats becoming an accomplished
fugitive from myself. 


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