We have to be ready for the money that is waiting for us

Being religious about how you make your money is the quickest way to go out of business. Entrepreneurs need to give their little economic engine every possible advantage in the current postmodern landscape. 

A useful practice for doing so is conducting an ongoing product and portfolio analysis. Getting in the habit of constantly evaluating your personal buying continuum, always looking for new ways to create value for people. Because your customers will tell you how to sell to them. They will help you provide your craft with different avenues at different stages of your creative life. You just have to listen and let them lay track down in front of your train. 

Simply ask yourself, what are you not currently charging for, that people are telling you that they would pay money for? That’s a smart place to start. After all, if someone wants to give you money for something, why wouldn’t you give it to them? If they’re willing to pay for it, my god, let them have it. Say yes. 

If there’s a new offering you’re thinking about adding to your professional repertoire, put a price on it, put it out into the world, and if customers say yes too quickly, you didn’t ask for enough. 

Look, you’ll never know until you try. Take the risk. You’re only as a good as you dare to be bad. 


If you were your own customer, what would you just love to have from you next?


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