We are as gods, so we may as well get good at it

It’s hard to have compassion for ourselves when we don’t have traumatic incidents to point to. 

We feel inadequate for our lack of suffering. We feel guilty about our beautiful childhood. It’s as if our torment was too gorgeous to be taken seriously, and we haven’t earned the right to complain or be sad or have negative thoughts about the world. 

It’s textbook notenoughness. We don’t give ourselves permission to be, do or have something because we don’t feel worthy of being, having or doing it. 

I started writing books and giving speeches right out of college. And on a daily basis, I encountered people who said that I was too young to have anything meaningful to say. That I didn’t deserve to be on a stage telling my story. 

That crushed me. It made me feel invisible and impotent and inadequate. Like there was nothing I could say or do that would make me good enough in people’s eyes. And I carried that burden like a chain around my neck for many years. 

But I just kept showing up. I kept putting things on the shelf. And I got really good at not going away. And what I discovered was, the moment I gave myself permission to be enough in my own eyes, the rest of the world magically followed suit. 

Brand was right when he said, we are as gods, so we may as well get good at it. 

Remember, if you reach the point of somebody asking how old you are, you’ve already won. 


In what arena do you feel the most inadequate?


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