Was Your Work the Same a Year Ago?

Evolution is inevitable.

On the personal side, at least.

But professionally, if our work is the same it was a year ago, if what we do hasn’t evolved with who we are, we’re in trouble.

Some of us fail to renew because we’re lazy. Others because we’re comfortable with the current level of our success and don’t want to let go of what’s working. Some fail to renew because we don’t think we need to evolve. And some of us fail to renew because we don’t think renewal is necessary to become great.

But more often than not, we fail to renew because we fail to reflect. We fail to renew because we’re so busy with the day to day, wrapped up in the demands of the marketplace, that we forget to take time to step back from the work and ask ourselves what the work is evolving into.

And as a result, we become prisoners of our own labors.

Instigating a process of renewal is so essential. Without it, we don’t just grow stale, we grow cynical as we watch the evolvers pass us by.

We can’t keep telling the same story just because we know it’s guaranteed to get applause.


Where do you need to renew?


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