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When I set out to publish my first book, I was clueless. 

Didn’t know the first thing about formatting or editing or designing or printing, much less marketing and selling and making a living as a writer. 

But what I did know was that other people out there were successfully earning money from a passion similar to my own. Perfect. And so, after going to their websites and reading their books and even meeting a few of them in person, I thought to myself, wow, if they can do it, if this counts, than maybe my dream isn’t the insurmountable task I once thought it was. 

That was all the runway I needed to get started. I didn’t need every answer to my dream, just a moment that gave me a sense that it was possible to achieve. 

Most dreamers pass through this threshold. It’s a rite of passage. They read a book or watch a movie or have a conversation that becomes their door opening moment. Tom Robbins famously tells a story about attending a rock concert in the sixties. He claims the music touched him in a peculiar and powerful way, jimmying the lock on his language box and smashing the last of his literary inhibitions. And after the show, he detected an ease, a freedom of expression, a syntax simultaneously wild and precise, a rare blending of reckless abandon and tight control and thought to himself, yeah, this is it, this is how I want to sound

We all need that crystallization. That moment that makes space for our dream. Something that gives us a sense that it’s possible. Something that makes us think the world is an okay place and there is room for us in it. Some interaction that makes us feel, I believe this, I can do this, I think I’m willing to try this. 


Is there anyone else who has the same excuse as you but is moving ahead successfully nonetheless?


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