Unlocking your ability to make an impact

Everyone has talent. Everyone. 

But not everyone has the
ability to use their talent in a broad range of applications. And as a result,
they’re just winking in the dark. All trained up and nowhere to go. 

question is, how to do you improve your ability to make better use of your
strengths? How do force yourself to fire on all cylinders? 

In video gaming
parlance, players call this processunlocking.
It’s when a character gains access to weapons andprivileges and prizes that points and
are outside of a game’s traditional parameters. 

Each one of us can do the same.
We can unlock our talents. And in most cases, it’s a simple matter of permission.
Culture. Context. Environment. 

Zappos is the ultimate case study. Read a few
pages of their annual culture book, and you’ll quickly discover that the
company has a system for unlocking people’s gifts. Because as long as it
creates value for customers and coworkers, employees are encouraged to bring unrelated
talents to the work environment. They’re given the freedom to use abilities
they might never exercise anywhere else. And they’re challenged to discover
pieces of themselves that were under nurtured in the most extreme of ways. 

As one team member said, it’s like a game to
see what part of ourselves we can bring to work every day. In short, the
company allows people to do what they love in an environment that wants them to
do it. As a result, their collective talent is unlocked at warp speed. 

And nobody feels like they’re winking
in the dark. 


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