Unburden yourself of all those worries

It’s tempting to start heaping blame on yourself for past transgressions. 

Looking back at failed relationships and wondering how in the world you could have been so naïve and blind and foolish. Shaking your head in disbelief at your own behavior. 

But all of that is just a form of cutting. Beating yourself up with the shame stick. Borrowing suffering from your past and letting it destroy today. Making yourself pay for what you did wrong years ago. 

Don’t you recognize just how much damage this does to your spirit? 

The danger is, the moment you start acting resentful and regretful towards yourself, you block the path of love. You rob yourself of the joy of imperfection. Because expecting to always do the right thing, every time, puts far too much pressure on yourself. 

I’m reminded of an interview with one of my favorite novelists. Elizabeth shared an inspiring mantra for this very issue of acceptance and surrender:

Everyday has two miraculous moments, she said. There’s the moment you wake up and realize you’ve been given another chance, and there’s the moment you go to sleep and put it all behind you no matter what mistakes you made. 

And so, rather than judging past experiences, just be with what is. 

Make peace with yourself. Practice radical acceptance. Bless the past for what it taught it you. Focus on your excitement for what the future has in store for you. And trust that you’ve learned your lesson and won’t make the same mistakes again. 


Are you wasting time throwing your line over the wall of the past to see what kind of guilt you can catch?


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