Turn that story upside down

Manhattan is a city of achievers. 

People move here because it’s the place where things happen. Where the lights inspire you and the streets make you feel brand new, as the song goes. 

And so, everyone has an agenda. Everyone has eyes full of dreams. There are eight million centers of the universe scrambling around town, building their personal real estate, froggering their way to the front of the line, so obsessed with success that they barely smile. 

No wonder people walk so damn fast. 

What’s interesting is, I moved to this city with an uncommon posture. Prior to living here, I was already making things happen. I had already made a name for myself. I had already found a life companion with whom to do so. And that posture completely changed my experience of living here. 

Because once I let go of the need to prove myself, no longer gripped with quiet panic and tight anxious hands, I suddenly felt much lighter. Instead of running around making it all the time. I was just floating along blissfully despite the chaos around me, liberated from the burden of expectation. 

What a glorious relief. What a serene reminder. 

Turns out, we don’t have to buy into the narrative that every merchant of mass delusion tries to sell us. We can be intentional about doing it our own way.

As my mentor once told me, we can make the choice to turn that story upside down. 


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