Trust that the mysteries which shroud us have meaning

Moore’s brilliant research on the soul’s religion reminds us that dream work doesn’t necessarily have to help us uncover the clues to the meaning of our personality. 

It can simply be a daily practice that keeps us in touch with the basic narratives we are living. A portal to transcendence and wonder that helps us get to know our soul better, increase our participation in the greater universe and tap into one of the many mysteries that surrounds us on a nightly basis. 

That’s why dream work is so thrilling to me. There’s no specific, practical or rational reason behind my practice. It’s just another romantic adventure. A chance to catch a glimpse of the unnamable and move closer to my ever expanding and broadening self. 

I don’t need another reason. The dream police isn’t going to drag me away for not justifying my behavior otherwise. 

However, I don’t spend much time sharing my nocturnal notions with other people. Because frankly, nobody’s interested in watching the weird movies my brain plays every night. And there’s nothing more awkward than the vacant lard mouth who stops by your cubicle every morning to regale you with their bizarre, dawdling nightmares. 

Dunham’s award winning movie said it best. 

Dreams are like poems. They’re something that everybody likes to tell other people, but nobody actually cares about when it’s not their own.

Look, we spend a third of our lives asleep. A third of our lives tumbling through the unconscious, connecting with the deeper currents of ourselves. 

But the moment we wake up, the important thing is not what we do to a dream, but what the dream does to us. 

Even when we’re asleep, our brain is telling us stories. Why not listen? 


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