Trust the tempo of my timing

Accepting that we need to change is always first step. 

But it’s not the only step. Just because we have accepted our problems doesn’t mean we can expect everything to magically fall into place. 

We can’t just shake off the problem right away. We have to take our struggle in stride. We have to trust the tempo of our timing. And we have to accept that most growth and change is a slow, subtle process. 

No matter how much we’d prefer for the pain to go away now. 

It’s like the old recovery adage. 

Few experiences are of less value than fast sobriety. 

My therapist used to bust me on this all the time. During our stress reduction sessions, my patience hung at the other end of a very thin thread. I had such an immature sense of time. Insisting that everything had to be done right now. And considering my workaholic tendency to devour life rapidly in huge chunks, the mantra may as well have been, hurry up and relax. 

Eventually, though, I learned how to relax my armor against the present moment. To dismantle my sense of victimization around time, believing that time is a gift, a threat. And to finally retire from the results business. 

Because for anything that matters, timing is never quite right. Not according to our egomaniacal, control freak clocks. 

We may well enjoy the process. We may as well trust that our life will fall back into place again. 


Does your impatience distort your growth by not allowing it proper timing?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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