True joy is a serious thing

When I was on jury duty, I learned that one of the most common types of lawsuit damages is called the loss of ability to enjoy life. 

Unlike pain and suffering, which compensates the defendant for the physical pain they feel, loss of enjoyment damages compensates someone for the things they can no longer do because of the pain they are feeling, like playing sports, hobbies, vocations, or any other activities that make up the pleasure of life. 

Consider the gravity of this notion. 

Even our country’s legal system has its own category to reinforce the mantra, res severa verum gaudium, or, true joy is a serious thing. 

Yet another reminder that this world is truly ours for the enjoying, and not just another wearying burden that pins us down with obligations and anxieties. 

Even in spite of unsolved problems, mistakes, failures, conflicts and pains, we must give ourselves permission to enjoy life. 

Spenser’s famous question comes to mind:

What more felicity can fall to creature than to enjoy delight with liberty? 

None. Enough postponing your happiness. If you’re not enjoying this now, when do you think it’s going to pay off? 

This existential dread isn’t gonna ameliorate itself. 


Do you have a small place to enjoy more prosaic pleasures?* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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