Triangulate your support system

Cue cards are traditionally held right beside the camera for the performer to read from, while still appearing to look directly into the lens. 

But in many television productions, especially sketch shows, cue cards are also positioned off camera, to the left or right of the stage, out of frame, unseen by the viewing audience. 

And so, on any given television set, actors might encounter three sets of cue cards. One by the camera, one on stage left, and one on stage right. This system allows the actors to feel safe and supplied and supported with their script, no matter where their eyes may fall during the show, thus ensuring the success of the performance. 

It’s a basic redundancy. A fail safe for increasing the reliability of the show. A backup to prevent the actors and crew members from relying on a single point of failure. 

The production team, then, triangulated their support system. And that’s a powerful principle outside of the television system as well. 

Because each of us needs a secure base. Reliable, human sources of emotional renewal, nourishment, safety and security in the face of everyday challenges. 

Not a thousand or even a hundred friends, but at the minimum, three. That’s triangulation. The strongest shape in nature. One where any added force is evenly spread through all three sides. 

And so, next time you find yourself embroiled in confusion and struggle, call three people you trust and love. Invite them to stand at the corners of your heart, so you feel safe and supplied and secure with the script life gives you. 


How well do you triangulate your support system?

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