Too many programs running in the background

We need algorithms for running our lives. Operating systems for reducing the burden of thought. Processes for extricating our brains and delegating simple tasks to ritual and routine. 

Because once we reduce our total number of daily decisions, once we relieve our mind of the necessity of remembering, our creativity has the room to run free. 

That’s why I eat the same breakfast and wear the same clothes and practice the same rituals every morning. Because when I get out of the shower, I don’t want to have to make any decisions. Choices are not my friend. Especially first thing in the morning. 

And so, instead of wasting precious mental energy on trivialities, I just execute my algorithm. That way, I can muster every last available neuron for my writing, and nothing else. 

Think of it like bandwidth. When a computer has too many programs running in the background, it taxes the system memory, which makes the computer run more slowly, right? 

Our creative brain works the same way. If it’s too occupied with trivial functions and chickenshit decisions that could easily be reduced to effortless routine, it will never produce the quality of output that it’s capable of. 

That’s why so many people fail to reach their creative potential. Not not because they’re untalented, but because they have too many programs running in the background. 

Perhaps they would benefit from a simple disk cleanup. 


What is interfering with your capacity to be at full speed?


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