This condition is not a terrible retribution for our sins

Every time we get sick, it’s the worst possible time. 

Whether we have family visiting from out of town, a fourth round job interview or a big presentation for the entire management team, there is never a good time to feel bad. 

And so, our job is to use the powers of creativity and acceptance and optimism to navigate the pain. To be sensitive to points in our life that require us to take action, lest our pain mutates into suffering. 

Here’s how that might play out in daily life. 

Lying on the couch with an ice pack on our heads and a puke bowl at our feet, we remind ourselves that this condition is not a terrible retribution for our sins, it’s a temporary time of darkness that has come to forge our character. 

Sitting in the bathtub while our spouse gently massages our swollen feet, we remember that this is not confirmation of how weak and pathetic we are, it’s a chance to slow down, make changes, transform our bodies and minds and become better versions of ourselves. 

Drifting in and out of consciousness in a hospital bed while chest tube breathes for us, we trust that this experience is not a moment of shame, but a tipping point that will finally compel us to make some much needed changes in our circumstances. 

Misery gives us a window into our own values. It’s something we remind ourselves anytime one of us is in pain. Certain feelings and experiences ask us to take action on our own behalf. They compel us to declare our identity with conviction and double down on what matters to us. 

And for that, we give thanks. 


How can you use your sickness to become more of the person you want to become?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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