Things We Should Have Learned By Now

We should have learned by now that there will always be more.
That just because a shorter line, a bigger piece, a better spot and a faster
lane is always available, doesn’t mean we always have to take it.

We should have learned by now that love doesn’t disappear.
That despite our best efforts to put bars to our heart, we can’t not feel. We
can’t pretend that emotion is some passing fad, something we get over like a
chest cold.

We should have learned by now that vulnerability pays. That
it’s easier to walk through the world prepared to catch, not primed to block.
And when we open our palm to receive whatever pain or pleasure life picks for
us, we give thanks anyway.

We should have learned by now that fame will not save us.
That if we view life as the currency that purchases celebrity, instead of
treating it as the opportunity to give the future something to respect, it will
leave us feeling hollow and brittle.

We should have learned by now that we’re better together.
That the human spirit shines brightest when it’s bordered by mirrors, and that
the arrogant hallucination that we don’t need each other will be the end of us.


What do you think we should have learned by now?


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