There’s more where that came from

Julia writes in her book about prosperity and abundance:

Gratitude makes us conscious that life is
made of thousands of small variables, and that many of those variables are
already good. And it is by counting our blessings that we begin to be able to
see them, and it is by seeing them that we begin to fathom the possibility that
the universe could actually intend for there to be more of them. 

It’s hokey but
valid. That which we appreciate, appreciates. That which we focus on, expands. 

This principle reminds me of a friend of mine who works in the marketing
department at the weather channel. Every time there’s a thunderstorm in his
hometown, he literally looks up to the sky and says:

Thank you mother nature
for bringing the rain, it’s revenue! 

That’s the attitude we should take with
everything. Locating the joy, no matter what package it arrives in. Giving
thanks, even when it’s hard to see where that thing serves our good. 

Here are
your daily mediations. 

Instead of making scarcity your home vibration and
assuming that it’s only a matter of time until the source of your bounty dries
up, practice taking in what is actually being given to you with a sense of
gratitude. Trusting that there is more where that came from. 

contracting into scarcity and bemoaning your fate about what’s missing in your
life, reframe your attention to view everything as a gift that has been given
to you. Trusting that you cannot measure the treasure that awaits. 


What are your mechanisms for expressing gratitude?

* * * *

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