There is a wholeness waiting to express itself

Rousseau’s school of thought suggests
two paths to the development of the self. 

, which is a sense of self defined by the opinions of others, and amour de soi, which is a sense of self
defined by personal identity and genuine esteem. 

But as his philosophy pointed
out, only the latter was compatible with wholeness and happiness. The former,
he wrote, was an unnatural form of love that arose only with the appearance of
society and people’s consequent ability to compare themselves with one another.
Because when we make comparisons, we’re never satisfied, and never could be. 

was nearly three hundred years ago. And yet, his school of thought still
applies today. A life of compare still leads to a life of despair. Perhaps even
more so now, considering we have instant and unlimited access to everything
everybody is doing, all the time, forever. 

If comparison were a drug, the
internet would be one giant transcontinental opium field. 

And so, our mission
is to develop a sense of self that doesn’t hinge upon constant external
validation. To take responsibility for our own wholeness. To drop an inner
anchor that allows us to trust our own perceptions. Because once we liberate
ourselves from other people’s opinions, one we unshackle the self from the
prying eyes of the world, life suddenly feels free and light and peaceful. And
we can cultivate a self that the world cannot probe. 

Amour de soi, indeed. 


Where in your life are you not choosing wholeness?


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