There is a tomorrow that can turn it all around

When we’re feeling troubled, we assume that our pain will last forever. 

Peace of mind appears to be gone for good, and any victories we achieved by facing and conquering our problems in the past are forgotten like a bad dream. 

That’s the curse of negativity. It stops us from loving ourselves. It keeps us from believing that there is a tomorrow that can turn it all around. 

When the truth is, if our burdens today seem greater than any we’ve had before, then that must also mean that our ability to deal with them is equally as great. The tide of time has risen all ships. We’re bigger than our bodies give us credit for. 

Gross said it best in her book on reinvention:

Once we acquire the capacity to generate the power to make the impossible happen, it cannot be taken away from us. 

In fact, it increases over time. That’s the advantage of getting older. We can’t make progress on the path without developing some kind of strength. The longer we kick around this blue marble, the more tools we acquire to understand our problems, the less overwhelming they seem each time we face them. 

Because now we trust ourselves. We have a wiser relationship with the mind. And we know how to draw strength from our own nature to surrender to, and ultimately outlive whatever trouble arises. 

Think about it. Have we not received gifts we once thought were impossible? Have we not uncovered muscles we never bothered to stretch before? Have we not tackled issues that at one time seemed entirely out of reach? 

Let us give ourselves credit for who we are in the present. Let us give thanks for the magical healing properties of time and space. Let us use gratitude as a potent vaccine that inoculates us against negativity. 

And we will survive and come out stronger on the other side. 


Will you transform your past hurt and pain into skills of deeper understanding and resilience?

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Scott Ginsberg

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