The wall of rationalization behind which the human personality shields itself

In the modern business landscape, most employees are rewarded for how much intellectual capital they bring to the table. Not how skilled they are at feeling their feelings. 

And that’s okay. We can’t expect three centuries of postindustrial society to suddenly prioritize emotional intelligence over getting shit done. 

With the exception of a handful of remarkable, progressive organizations, most of the corporations in the world will favor the head over the heart. 

Outside of the workplace, however, it’s a different story. 

When we’re off the clock, we have a chance to consciously remove our thinking caps and combine intellectual depth with emotional resonance. That’s why support groups and accountability clubs and mastermind meetings are so valuable. They’re neutral places of healing where we can rest the sensible eyes of the intellect and share what’s inside the body and soul. 

Sitting intimately with a trusted group of people, authentically checking in with the feelings and emotions inside our bodies, and witnessing others do the same, is a profoundly healing experience. 

It’s harder than it sounds. Especially for us intellectual types. Because our tendency is to use our minds as a form of defense. The power of our minds to intellectualize life into a mess is amazing. 

And so, any time we practice staying at the sensation level of our experience, and then expressing it, in real time, with other human beings, is worthwhile. 

And who knows. Maybe the world of work will finally catch up. 


What will be possible when you stop trying to figure out life and intellectualize everything?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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