The unusual receptivity of their creator’s eyes

The unusual
receptivity of their creator’s eyes. If we are to convey the distinct
timbre of our thoughts and make pronouncements truly worthy of the world’s
attention, it all beings with the quiet moments that we notice out of the
corner of our eye. 

The openness to allow those unremarkable events to fill our
soul with remarkable delight. And the audacity to put them wax and carry our
truth to market. 

Schulz, as an example, was a fine draftsman. No doubt about
it. He couldn’t have created the most popular comic strip in history by having
a subpar illustrating ability. 

But his highest talent, colleagues say, was his
capacity to find inspiration in life’s daily occurrences that most people took
for granted. To stay forever attuned to the everyday absurdity of ordinary

That’s why the characters still endure to this day. It was the
unusual receptivity of their creator’s eyes. 

How do we train
ourselves to do the same? How do get that muscle all quivering and veiny and oiled up? 

A good place to start is
our own backyard. Quite literally, in fact. 

I’m reminded of a police
mystery novel whose protagonists said, a good cop depends on his sense of
inappropriateness. What doesn’t fit? What’s out of the ordinary? What’s the
wrong type of face or car for this neighborhood? That’s how he knows his beat.
A longstanding habituation to place. 

And so, each one of us can strengthen that
muscle by simply stepping out the front door, walking down our street and start
searching for things that don’t fit. Looking around in the course of a typical
day for examples of inconvenience. 

That’s where art begins. Hiding behind the

And from that place of exquisite ordinariness, beauty and joy and
transcendence ensue. 


Are you known for the strength of your pen or the receptivity of your eyes? 

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