The shadow of crisis has passed

One of the best mantras I learned from my therapist was,
there are no emergencies. 

Because outside of major health, safety or family
related incidents, true crises are few and far between. We just love to
convince ourselves of the seriousness of things. Creating drama in our lives
makes us feel big and important. 

I’m reminded of a woman I practice yoga with
who’s perpetually late to class. In fact, a few minutes before start time, you
can usually find her barreling down the avenue, hurdling trashcans, dodging
pedestrians left and right, punting the occasional dog out of the way, just to
squeeze through the door at the last minute and finally collapse onto her mat. 

And every time I watch this happen, I think to myself, instead of walking three
times faster, why not leave the house ten minutes earlier? Instead of creating
a race against time, you could create a cushion to make it easier on yourself.
Instead of optimizing every moment of your goddamn life and introducing complexity, spiking your blood pressure, inducing stress and
creating more opportunities for failure, try simplifying. 

See how good it feels
when the shadow of crisis has passed. 

You’ll never go back again. 


What level of drama do you attract through your daily schedule?


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