The pain ends and hope takes its place

My favorite definition of surrender is letting go of trying to control what we never had control over in the first place. 

It’s the most glorious relief known to man. Because once we courageously risk letting go of our own will, our mind no longer has to perform the acrobatics of rationalization and justification and expectation. 

And we can just be. The pain ends and hope takes its place. Whatever circumstances that don’t serve us in the grand scheme of a life, we can watch them float by like leaves on a river, drifting downstream and out of our view. 

That’s the beauty of surrender. 

It’s not that we don’t care, it’s that we let go.

It’s not that we quit, it’s that we accept. 

It’s not that we’re better than anything, it’s that we’re freed from everything that is no longer beneficial to our growth. 

And the best part is, this process actually deepens our relationship with the rest of the world. In surrendering to life as it unfolds, we find ourselves on an intimate adventure. 

Anonymous, my favorite of the existentialist philosophers, said it perfectly in his book on healing the whole person:

To surrender is to win. To fight or run is to lose. When we lose we are isolated and lonely. When we fight, we can’t reach out potential. But when we surrender, we are alive and connected with society. 

And, exhale.


Where did you develop your frame of reference for surrender? * * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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