The only obstacle to our sense of worthiness

It’s easy to tie our opinion of ourselves to success or failure. 

To believe that our value as people rises and falls in lockstep with our latest achievement. 

But human worthiness should not be contingent upon winning or losing, approving or disapproving, thriving or suffering. Esteem is a decision we make, irrespective of the vulgar accumulations and fluctuations of the external world. 

And so, just because my bank balance hits two digits or I lose my biggest client or the project I slaved over all week gets ignored or my new business venture is met with shrugs and yawns, it doesn’t mean that I’m a worthless pieces of shit. 

It simply means that an event happened, and while there might be waves anger and frustration and meaninglessness, I trust that they’ll soon drift away like weather patterns. 

Because every feeling has a beginning, middle and end. 

Taylor’s groundbreaking research on brain functions proved this clinically. She found that the natural lifespan of an emotion, meaning, the average time it took for an emotion to move through the nervous system and body, was ninety seconds

After that, humans need thoughts to keep the emotion rolling. 

Proving, that once our initial feelings come and go, the only obstacle to our sense of worthiness is the story we’re telling ourselves. 


Are you allowing your discouragement to globalize? 

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