The joy of going to sleep with a contented heart

It’s okay to stop when you’re happy. 

If you have what you need to be complete with something, allow that to be enough for you and move on. 

People who have a high emotional need for cognitive closure struggle with this. They insist on sticking things out until the bitter end. They might even feel guilty for leaving early. 

Music is the perfect example. Just because you bought the whole album, doesn’t mean you have to listen to every song. If five out of eleven tracks totally rock and make your heart do back flips, but the rest of the album is shite, so be it. You aren’t going to hurt the artist’s feelings by skipping a few songs. You got what you need out of that experience. 

As the song lyric goes, you get in, you get done, and then you get gone. 

Another example is work. Just because you have a history together doesn’t mean you have a future together. And so, staying too long with a stepping stone job is just as much of a mistake as leaving that job too soon. 

You don’t owe it to any organization stay out of a perceived moral obligation. Listen, most employers won’t hesitate to shitcan you at the drop of a hat for any reason that fits their business needs, so why not reciprocate an equal level of attachment? 

Point being, whatever sword of obligation is dangling over your head right now, understand that in many cases, you can simply stop. No need to postpone your happiness or prolong your pain. If you want to gain a sense of satisfaction and closure, announce to yourself that you feel complete about this. Announce that you’ve learned all you need to learn, and can now adjourn. 

And mold yourself into a lean, clean and clear person who satisfies all his requirements, then gets on with their life. 

Because it’s better to bail when you’re satiated than run the wheels off of something because you feel morally obligated to stick around. 


Are you avoiding unnecessary obligations that hold no possible benefit for you?

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Scott Ginsberg

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