The journey of what it means to live sustainably

The first twelve years of my career were spent building a business that wasn’t designed to sustain me over the long term. 

Which, at the time, was fine. When you’re single, in your twenties and filled to the brim with hungry youth juice, it’s not an issue. 

But over time, priorities evolve. Grey hairs accumulate. Markets change. And into the second decade of my business, something occurred to me. 

My golden goose was done laying eggs. I was burned out going it alone, and had no desire to scale in order to burn out even more. 

And so, the time had come to adjust my professional vector onto a healthier and more mature trajectory. Something that served my long term wellbeing. Something that would allow me to live within a rhythm of life that was actually sustainable. 

That wasn’t an easy decision to make. It’s painful to accept that you are facing a dead end and despite the amount of energy you invest, nothing is likely to change.

But that’s what being an adult is all about. Accepting your limitations. Entering the valley of humility. Crashing into deep, dark and uncertain waters of bigger dreams. And courageously making changes that seem difficult initially, but ultimately contribute to the development of long term serenity. Without regret, guilt or shame. 

Which favorite version of yourself are you still holding onto? Are you clinging to vain hopes about your business or life or relationship, even in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence? 

That might be a sign that a you’re refusing to be an adult. Because in my experience, when we cling to our known life, to the limited sense of who we are, we deny ourselves the chance for expansion. 

But when we honestly explore the journey of what it means to live sustainably, joy can have a real chance at us. 


Are you moving at a pace that allows you to stay connected to self and other?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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