The complexity of life is consuming too much energy

Every company is convinced they’ve
unlocked the secret to productivity. 

Every week I read another article about an
innovative organization that has it all figured out. 

They build creative
incentive programs and use employee game mechanics and have real time chat
tools and track goals on public dashboards and install screen monitoring
software and create content filtering malware that blocks social networking
websites and set work timers for fifty minutes and take breaks for exactly
seventeen minutes. 

It all sounds like a lot of work, ironically. People
deluding themselves into thinking they can hack human performance and game the
corporate environment. 

But the reality is, no office will ever be productive.
They can’t be. Workplaces are optimized for interruption. Nobody works at work

Unless, of course, they hire themselves. They remove all the toxic
variables from the productivity equation. Because when you do the math, one
hour of work as an employee is worth five hours of work as an entrepreneur. 

Think about it. You don’t have pointless distractions like meetings and
administrative busywork and conference calls and checkins and status reports.
You don’t have infuriating interruptions like taps on the shoulder and names
being yelled across the room and multiple phones ringing off the hook and
endless ambient commotion. You don’t have soul crushing bureaucracy like asking
permission and gaining approval and cutting through red tape and following
rules. And you don’t have energy killers like putting out fires and walking
on eggshells and resolving unnecessary conflict and mitigating drama. 

Once you
subtract that noise from the equation, all you’re left with is work that
matters and a committed, happy person who can’t wait to do it. 

Miyagi was right. The best way to block
the punch is to not be there.


How productive were you in the last hour?


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