The burning bush never stopped burning

I once read a fascinating sermon about the burning bush. 

The pastor proposed that the fire wasn’t the divine suddenly showing up in the middle of the desert. The spirit was there the whole time. Moses simply wasn’t aware of it. 

Maybe he assumed that he knew the land like the back of his hand. Or maybe he was in too much of a hurry to notice the flame. Or maybe he was texting. 

The point is, that bush could have been burning for years. 

What an interesting thought experiment on attention and intention. And here’s what it means to me. 

Most things in life aren’t things, they’re places inside of us. Joy and love and peace and creativity and abundance? Take your pick. They’re all just bushes that are already burning. We have everything we need right here within us. There is a great life inside waiting to be nurtured. 

Of course, here’s the uncomfortable part about this theory. 

It puts people on the hook. It holds them very accountable. Think about it. 

Knowing that something has been with us always and merely awaits our realization of it, that’s scary. 

Knowing that we carry the seeds of happiness within us at every moment, that’s scary. 

Knowing that everything we want to create is already inside of us, that’s scary. 

Knowing that joy is a gift that’s ours as soon as we’re willing to accept it, that’s scary. 

Knowing that we’re only an instant away from peace and enlightenment, that’s scary. 

But it’s also deeply empowering. Kind of makes you want to go find the straw inside of you that threatens to catch fire and call its bluff. 


What burning bushes might you be overlooking?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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