The asset which is yourself can atrophy in isolation

America has historically been a place where dreams are had a followed. 

But the irony is, our citizens have become far more socially isolated today
than we were two decades ago. McPherson’s renowned study of the decline of social ties in the country found that our intimate
social ties are shrinking or nonexistent. 

The number of people saying there is
nobody with whom they discuss important matters has nearly tripled. 

In short,
we have fewer people to confide in than we used to. 

And that’s the disconnect.
It’s off brand for our country. Because a lonely place is an unmotivated place.
It’s hard to dream alone. 

And so, for people who are struggling to take action
on their dreams, they might ask themselves if they’re making a strong enough
effort to be less isolated. To wonder if there are impediments to social growth
and good relating standing in the way of their dreams. 

Not that there’s
anything wrong with removing yourself from the turmoil of the world and
retreating into your imagination. 

But if we follow our dreams in isolation,
only to become immune to ordinary human connection, everybody loses. 

comes from feeling connected to others, but also believing that others feel
connected to you. 

Go out of your way to honor the part of you that is not
satisfied with a life of estrangement. Protect your dream from the pain of


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