That’s what a person who wants something does

Handy made a brilliant
observation in his
arranging the portfolio of the entrepreneur’s work life. He said, small bits of
prostitution may be necessary

Which sounds provocative and uncomfortable to
some. But don’t be so suburban. 

Prostitution, after all, is the world’s oldest
profession. Have some respect. In fact, the leading etymology dictionary states
that the notion of sex for hire is not actually inherent in the
etymology of the word. 

To prostitute literally means to expose publicly. To put
up front for sale. 

And so, doing so from time to time doesn’t make you a whore
or a betrayer or a hypocrite with zero integrity who compromises their core

Look, we’re all complicit. Nobody’s perfect whole all the time.
Everybody has their price. Everybody can be bought. And there’s no shame in
succumbing to the increasing commercial takeover of daily life. 

People do what
they have to do to make their dreams real. They jump on opportunities as
they’re presented to them, good, bad or indifferent. Because that’s what it
takes underwrite their more virtuous and artistic endeavors. 

That’s what a
person who wants something does. 

It’s not selling out, it’s outgrowing their
origins and changing direction proudly. It’s remaking themselves as they grow
and as the world changes. It’s shifting their path to get somewhere based on
what you’ve learned along the way.


How are you making the rest of your life happy?


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