That moment when you wonder if there’s anyone who knows what it’s like to be you

We all have our own unique version of the wretched place depression drags us off to. 

There are as many gradations of anxiety as there are people to suffer through them. 

But what’s universal is the way out. The antidote to our feelings of emptiness and pain. 

And that solution grows out of the two most healing words in any language. 

Me too. 

Because in that moment when you connect with somebody to shake your fists at the heavens with, that person willing to stand with you in your pain, you suddenly realize that everything is going to be play. 

This feeling, of course, is a biological response. It’s the surge of oxytocin, aka, the bonding molecule, which is the powerful hormone of love, connection and belonging. It’s what makes us feel connected and content and safe and trusted. 

The challenge is, that drug is only available to us if we’re willing to break the box around ourselves. To battle our antisocial tendencies and reach out to somebody and make an earnest, exposed statement about our pain. 

Which is an emotional risk. It requires a willingness to create real, human intimacy, and not just clever marketing masquerading as vulnerability. 

But it’s the only way to secure a dose of me too. Because all healing occurs in relationships. Only through an interpersonal encounter with another person, be it a stranger, acquaintance, friend or lover, can we enter into the transcendental healing atmosphere. 

And so, next time the waves of depression come crashing in, call a friend who loves to surf, tuck into the curl of the wave and ride it for all it’s worth. 

Break the silence, break the isolation and let the bonding begin.


Are you honoring the part of you that is not satisfied with a life of estrangement?


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