That moment that change is no longer terrifying

We have a genetic reflex to avoid change. 

And we are geniuses at inventing reasons to avoid change. 

But what we don’t realize until we come out grizzled on the other side is, change isn’t actually what hurts. It’s our resistance to it that creates the suffering. 

Bonnie sings one of my favorite songs about it. It’s obviously a breakup song, but what’s fascinating is, if you switch the pronouns from singular to third person, the meaning of the tune expands to include the larger changes of life:

We can feel you fading, but until you’re gone, we’re taking all the time we can borrow, the getting over is waiting, but we won’t move on, and we’re gonna wanna feel the same tomorrow, we know the truth is right outside, but for the moment it’s best denied. 

What are you pretending not to know? 

Look, changing sucks and it’s hard and it hurts like hell. But once we conquer our initial resistance to it, once we recalibrate our posture regarding the process of change itself, the nuts and bolts of change aren’t all that bad. 

Intention counts for more than we realize. 


Are you learning to adapt to that which you can’t prevent? * * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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