Taking your freedom for granted

Not everybody can pursue the thing that brings them great joy. Not everybody has found an outlet for their talents to flourish fully. And not everybody will be lucky enough to have occupational activities that are a natural extension of their personality and abilities. 

Truth is, most people in the world are burning off the soles of their shoes just trying to carve out a life they can tolerate. They would give anything to do the things they’re fired up to contribute, to find a home for all of their talents, to make meaningful use of everything they are. 

But if everybody did what they liked, the world wouldn’t work. If everybody quit their jobs and followed their dreams and made a life out of their passion, the toilets would never get cleaned. 

And so, if you’re one of the fortunate few blessed with the freedom to create a life by design, never lose sight of gratitude and humility and perspective and compassion. No need to remind everybody you meet how perfect your life is. Just keep your mouth shut and get back to work. 

Because the moment you start getting complacent and taking your freedom for granted, it doesn’t just make you an asshole, it makes you vulnerable to that freedom being taken away.


What makes you lucky to be here right now?


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