Take the chance to dance with the universe

Eskelinen is an artist who builds kinetic and mechanical sculptures. 

He describes his work as experimental, wooden, moving, contemporary art. 

One of his most notable pieces is a wonderfully complicated hugging machine. It literally squeezes you right back when it is embraced. Simply stand on a platform, grasp the handles, and lean into the hug. The mechanism causes a pair of wooden articulated arms to return the favor. 

And the best part is, this hugging machine manually powered. You can hug it for as long as you have the energy. 

Of course, this machine may not instantly boost oxytocin levels and heal your feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger like a human hug will. But this sculpture is still a physical manifestation of the beautiful unity of nature. 

It reminds us that when we embrace change, it embraces us back. That the world supports us when we learn to allow it. Change may come to us swiftly and without mercy, pulling the rug out from under us on a moment’s notice. And maintaining our center in that ocean of chaos can feel like an impossible task. 

But when we surrender to change, when we lovingly lean in to it, and when we are amenable to the galvanic response of giving and receiving, we feel richly supported by resources, internal, external and cosmic. 

Trusting that whatever silly song of transition our life is singing, we can take the chance to dance with the universe. 


Do you believe that the world’s trustworthy and everlasting arms are supporting you?* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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