Take action on a foundation activity

Doubt is an unavoidable feature of the human landscape. 

It’s a sign that our faith has a pulse. 

And so, the secret in executing anything is having that default move chambered and ready to go. That way, when the doubt comes crashing in, we don’t have to think or ponder or choose. 

We simply engage our core. We take action on a foundational activity that calibrates the experience and gets us moving in the right direction. 

If you read enlisted military leader guidebooks, for example, you learn that the hand salute is a formal sign of courtesy between soldiers. But in many situations, soldiers will notice an approaching soldier in uniform, but be uncertain of their rank. 

And nobody wants to feel embarrassment because they forgot to salute somebody who was strictly entitled to it. 

Therefore, here’s the rule when soldiers are in six paces of each other:

When in doubt, whip it out

Salute anyway. Better to be on the safe side then to ignore and therefore dishonor a potential officer. Good morning, sir. 

What’s your version of engaging the core? How might you customize the following mantra for your own purposes:

When in doubt, blank. 

Figure that equation out, and you’ll be able to execute a foundational activity that gets things moving in the right direction. 


What default move helps overcome your feelings of doubt?

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