11 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Find

You are a Finder.

It’s non-negotiable.
It’s ingrained in the territory.
It’s part of the job description.

So, you need to get good at finding things. For example:

1. Find a way. One always exists. Even when you’re tired as hell, broke as a joke or completely out of ideas. How many answers are you willing to accept?

2. Find economic buyers. Everyone else is a waste of your time. And time isn’t something you’ve got a lot of. Figure out who signs the check and give ‘em a pen. Are you playing to the wrong audience?

3. Find everything tasty. Even if you’re uncomfortable. Even if you’ve never had it before. Practice intentional discomfort and give it a try. Cognitively restructure everything you do to find inherent novelty and deliciousness. How can you make this into something awesome?

4. Find inspiring people. Hang with them. Watch them. Listen to them. Ask them questions. Note the things they say and do. Note the type of people they ARE and then emulate away. Whose thinking inspires your own?

5. Find opportunity everywhere. It’s there. You just need to look harder. And when you find it, you need to leverage it. Better, stronger and smarter than anyone else. What is today’s creative opportunity?

6. Find the doors. Wedge your way in. Be smart. Suck in your stomach and squeeze your way through. When was the last time you entered a new market?

7. Find thought bridges. Connect seemingly unrelated ideas. Notice ancillary answers, anomalies and other creative sparks. How are you finding relationships between everything?

8. Find uncontested space. Set up camp, put a stake in the ground, raise a flag and declare to the world, “This is MY house. Come near at your own risk.” And if some punk creeps a little too close, release the hounds. How are you being The Only?

9. Find your cause. Otherwise you’re slaving away for nothing. You need a calling. A cause. A higher purpose. A validation of your existence. The best part is, once you’ve got that tasty carrot dangling down through the depths of your heart, the work you do becomes twice as exciting, yet takes half the time to get done. Have you fulfilled the demands of your calling this week?

10. Find your part. It doesn’t matter if you’re the lead, an extra, singing in the chorus or a tree. Your part is essential. Have you determined your fundamental leadership role?

11. Find your woodshed.. Sneak out there every night. When the dogs are asleep, when your wife is out cold, when your kids are passed out. Fire up the lantern and get to work. Finish as the sun comes up. Then sneak back into bed undetected. What inspires your persistence and determination?

Find. Find. Find. Find.

It’s an entrepreneur’s favorite verb.

What did you find this week?

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