The Bridge Between Art and Audience

Anything that’s a barrier to getting your work in people’s hands is a problem.

I’m sorry, but if there are fans out
there who can’t access your art because of copyright issues, corporate site
blocking, password protection, greedy pricing models, platform compatibility, unclear
registration forms, pointless rating systems, clumsy web addresses, laborious
product registration, geographical restrictions, stupid security certificates,
daily download quotas, bureaucratic sharing constraints, annoying error messages
or outdated company policies, it’s time to rethink your distribution model.

I’m not saying you have to give everything you’ve ever created away for free, although I tried that recently
and had a lot of success.

But as an artist, your goal is to get
heard first, paid second. As an artist, your goal is to build as many bridges
as possible between you and your audience. Without that great collision
between your work and the outside world, you’re just winking in the dark.
You’re the tree in the forest nobody hears.

Yes, many of the above barriers are out of our control. But
that never stopped people like Henry Rollins, Radiohead, Louis CK, Aziz Ansari,
Trent Reznor, Seth Godin and Kevin Smith from circumventing those barriers and
taking their truth direct to market. Those guys never sat back and waited for some
invisible jury to stamp their creative passport and tell them their work okay.
They simply expressed themselves, shared it with the people who loved them and
were compensated accordingly.

There’s no reason you can’t do the same.


What is the bridge between art and audience?


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