The Crumbling Wall of How

I’m rarely stopped by not knowing how.

Instead, I’m sparked by knowing why, stirred by
knowing what and sustained by knowing who. And more often than not, those
forces are potent enough to overwhelm the void of how and carry my ideas to

But I’m not immune to the occasional surge of permission.
Especially when I’m working on a new project that, deep down, I’m afraid to
tackle because I know that I know nothing. Whether it’s turning a script into a
film, turning story into a comic or turning a manifesto into an epic novel,
lately I’ve had to remind myself that ideas become interesting the moment they
start to scare us.

Fear isn’t meant to be ignored – it’s meant to be

That’s usually when I log on to Fiverr, Elance and
Kickstarter. A few minutes on those sites and I’m not just inspired, I’m in
motion. Ready to work, ready to risk, regardless of a high tide in my ocean of

Because thanks to the web, the wall of how is crumbling. Not
knowing has no bearing on whether or not our dreams become realities. With
creative delegation, intelligent outsourcing – and a whole lot of ego
surrendering – we can leverage our limitations instead of avoiding them.

The only thing we need to know how to do is find people who
can help us become what we need to be, then sit back and watch the magic

It’s almost

When we
let go of trying to do everything, it feels like we can do anything.


What would you do if you didn’t need to know how?


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