Scott’s Sunday Sentences, Issue 004

Sentences are my spiritual currency. 

Throughout my week, I’m constantly scouring and learning and reading and annotating from any number of newspapers, blogs, online publications, books, articles, songs, art pieces, podcasts, eavesdroppings, random conversations and other sources of inspiration.

Turns out, most of these sentences can be organized into about eleven different categories, aka, compartments of life that are meaningful to me. And since I enjoy being a signal tower of things that are interesting, I figured, why not share them on a regular basis?

In the spirit of “learning in public,” I’ve decided to publish a weekly digest of my top findings, along with their respective links or reference points. Sentence junkies of the world unite!

Creativity, Innovation & Art 

“People fall in love with the merchandise first, then the art behind it,” from the recently released and fascinating Calvin & Hobbes documentary, Dear Mr. Waterson.

Culture, Humanity & Society 

“No, I’m not going to rush your fraternity,” from the Francis Pedraza article about standing up to the digital cool kids.

Identity, Self & Soul 

“You let go of the dream you killed yourself for,” from John Moffitt’s story about walking away from that which defined him.

Lyrics, Poetry & Passages 

“Drop what you’re doing right now and entertain me,” from the new 37Signals book, Remote, about mobile workforces.

Meaning, Mystery & Being 

“Understanding with your life is fully believing what you understand, but also finding yourself incapable of disbelieving it,” from Psychology Today.

Media, Technology & Design 

“Focused and oblivious to their surroundings, these people unknowingly made the decision to live in new kind of loneliness,” from PSFK.

Nature, Health & Science 

“In science, you are studying truth and have to prove everything,” from the obituary of Nobel Prize Winner, Frederick Sanger.

People, Relationships & Love 

“When they vet people, they need to see more than twinkles, they need sparks,” from the handsome and inspiring Pharrell.

Psychology, Thinking & Feeling

“Generate positive emotions on your own without support from the environment,” from Martin Seligman’s new book, Flourishing.

Success, Life & Career

“Don’t let the bad guys find a narrow opening and bring you down for trivial reasons,” from the Tom Peters blog.

Work, Business & Organizations

Your management style makes me focus all of my energy on staying out of trouble,” from Dilbert.

See you next week!

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