On punching people in the face

You can’t count on people to connect the dots.

Not any more, at least.

Here’s why:

1. There are an infinite amount of messages, noise and choices.
2. Attention spans are rapidly diminishing.
3. People (seem to) have ZERO time.
4. People (seem to) have even less patience.
5. Service offerings are poorly defined.
6. Nobody (really) knows what you actually do.
7. And customers crave simple.

So, you need to make it really, really obvious.

In person.
On your website.
Within your marketing materials.

IN SHORT: You need to punch people in the face.

Not literally, of course.

Respect is always your marketing mantra.

However, in order to win the battle against the Attention Economy, it’s almost as if you need to grab hold of people by their shirt collars and say, “Listen to me! Right here! OK, yes, you. This is exactly what I want you to do…”

See, complexity generates contemplation.

And contemplation kills sales.

You need to punch people in the face.

Several examples:

o When people come to your website, they need to know (IMMEDIATELY) what it is you want them to do.

o When you’re giving a speech, people need to know (IMMEDIATELY) what you want them to look at on the screen.

o When you’re finished sharing any form of information, people need to know (IMMEDIATELY) what the call to action is.

You need to punch people in the face.

NOTE: This philosophy may sound a little rash – even unapproachable, yet it CAN be done with respect. And tact. And without overly interrupting people’s daily lives, yet still getting your message through.

JUST REMEMBER: Your customers are busier, faster and more overloaded than ever before.

How are they going to remember YOU?

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