Passion makes decision-making easier

Once you’ve discovered what your passion is, certain things become a LOT easier.

Like decision-making.

FOR EXAMPLE: Let’s say you have a choice to make about a new entrepreneurial endeavor.

Consulting your passion should be THEE first thing you do.

Hmm. I wonder what my passion would say about this situation…? You think.

HERE’S WHY: If a particular endeavor isn’t in line with your passion, you probably shouldn’t do it.

You’ll lose money.
You’ll have little fun.
You’ll waste your time.
You’ll waste other people’s time.

So, next time you find yourselves at a crossroads, consider these Passion Protecting Questions to keep yourself in check:

1. Is this goal worthy of my passion?
If it isn’t, set another one.

2. Is this decision in line with my passion?
If it’s not, don’t waste your time.

3. Am I really the best person to be doing this?
If there’s somebody more passionate, let her do it.

4. Will doing this enable me to validate my existence?
If it won’t, find something else to do.

5. Is what I’m doing right now consistent with my #1 goal?
If it isn’t, stop.

6. Would the person I want to become do what I’m about to do?
If they wouldn’t, don’t.

7. Is what I’m about to do going to allow me to tap into my passion?
If it won’t, stop before you start.

8. Five years now, will I be proud of this decision?
If not, maybe you should reconsider.

What makes your decision-making easier?

For the list called, “86 Passion-Finding Questions to Invite Someone to Talk about What They Love,” send an email to me, and I’ll send you the list for free!

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