Why Halfway Won’t Work

I started online dating because I was tired.

Tired of being lonely, tired of being single, tired of not
having someone to share my life and tired of sitting back, waiting for love to
fall in my lap.

So I made I decision: I
am going to find someone.

And on that fateful Saturday night, I paid a hundred bucks
for six months, signed the waiver for the money-back guarantee, spent three
hours perfecting my profile and committed to emailing five new people a day, every
day, until I wasn’t lonely anymore.

Eight weeks later, I met the girl of my dreams, the love of
my life and the proprietor of my heart. Best hundred bucks I ever spent.

What’s amazing is, millions of people around the world use
online dating every day. And some find what they’re looking for, while other
just find frustration. 

But my guess is, the only ones who truly win are the
people who commit, with both feet, with every chamber of their heart, minus
zero, for good, for real.

Not the ones who dabble. Not the ones who go halfway. Not the ones who take advantage of the trial period. Not the ones who only check their profile to see who winked
at them.

The ones who play for keeps.


Where do you need to stop going halfway?


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