Golden Rule, Schmolden Rule

You know The Golden Rule.

THE QUESTION IS: How, specifically, do you practice it every day?

The bad news is, most people don’t.

The good news is, if you’re stuck, here are a few suggestions:

ACT like the kind of friend YOU’D want to turn to at 2 AM.
ANSWER the kinds of questions YOU’D want to ask.
BE the kind of salesperson YOU’D want to buy from.
BEGIN the kind of movement YOU’D want to be a part of.
CREATE the kind of group YOU’D want to join.
DELIVER the kind of value and service YOU’D want to receive.
DESIGN the kind of website YOU’D want to keep going back to.
GIVE the kind of speech YOU’D want to listen to.
PUBLISH the kind of blog YOU’D want to subscribe to.
SELL the kind of product YOU’D want to buy.
SPEAK to the kind of people YOU’D want to listen to.
START the kind of company YOU’D want to work for.
TEACH the kind of ideas YOU’D want to learn.
WRITE the kind of book YOU’D want to read.

– – –

You know, sometimes I wish it wasn’t called The Golden Rule.

Because that doesn’t really cover it.

See, I think we can only influence people in four ways:

1. Influence through … what we BELIEVE.
This has (minimal) influence. You could call it The Golden Rule.

2. Influence through … what we SAY.
This has (some) influence. You could call it The Golden Word.

3. Influence through … what we DO.
This has (significant) influence. You could call it The Golden Action.

4. Influence through … who we ARE.
This has (maximum) influence. You could call it The Golden Existence.

– – –

They all work.

So, whichever way you choose to influence people, just remember to keep some gold at the heart of it.

What’s your version of The Golden Rule?

Share a specific example of how you practice The Golden Rule here!

* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag

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