The Kordell Stewart Principle

The goal isn’t to cause customers to think, “SHOULD we use this guy?”

The goal is to cause customers to think, “HOW should we use this guy?

LESSON LEARNED: How, not if.

How DRAWS more buyers.
Because options increase the probability of a sale!

How DELIVERS more value.
Because customers can match their needs with your various services!

How BUILDS more equity.
Because you’re not a one-trick pony, a commodity or a one-hit wonder!

A perfect non-business example of this is Kordell Stewart, one of my favorite football players.

Years ago, Pittsburgh Steeler radio announcer Myron Cope gave Stewart the nickname “Slash” due to his abilities as a utility player willing to play other positions such as running back, wide receiver and punter.

This meant that during any given game, coach Bill Cowher wouldn’t have to decide whether or not to use Kordell.

He only needed to decide HOW to use Kordell.

Which made him a powerful weapon on that team.

Not “if,” but “how.”
Not “if,” but “when.”
Not “if,” but “where.”

That’s equity.

Because customers LOVE having options of ways to say YES to you.

This was a major epiphany in my own business, and I adopted The Kordell Stewart Principle a few years ago.

For example, if people don’t want to hire me to speak, they can read my books, or they can watch NametagTV, or they can Rent Scott’s Brain. Hooray!

SO, HERE’S YOUR CHALLENGE: Position yourself in a way that eliminates a yes or no answer.

Now, that doesn’t mean over-saturate the buying process with TOO many options. You don’t want to be a Jack-of-All-Trades.

Just enough to diversify your offerings.

Because diversity is equity.

How many different ways are your clients using you?

For the list called, “31 Questions to Turn Your Expertise into Money,” send an email to me, and I’ll send you the list for free!

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