Damn You Justin Bieber!

Humans love to say they’ll never do things.

Until one day, before we know it, we’re doing it. The arbitrary boundary we set for ourselves fades away like a fart in the wind. And our grand intentions of abstinence turn out to be grand delusions of obstinance.

Moments like these aren’t just important — they’re inevitable. They teach us that life is a subjective experience. They show us that absolutes are hard to come by. And they remind us that, despite our best efforts to stand by our convictions and stay consistent with what we thought was true, life can prove us wrong at the drop of a hat.

A hat we never thought we’d wear. A hat we used to think looked ridiculous on us. A hat we spend our whole life running from and speaking out against.

But now that we’ve tried it on, we realize that the hat isn’t really that bad. In fact, it’s kind of flattering.

Who knew?

Definitely not us.

Except maybe Bieber.


What have you recently started doing that you said you never would?


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