How many referrals did you give this week?

My friend John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing is the brains behind Make a Referral Week.

This is an entrepreneurial approach to stimulating the small business economy … one referred business at a time.

The goal for this week has been to generate 1000 referred leads to 1000 deserving small businesses in an effort to highlight the impact of a simple action that could blossom into millions of dollars in new business.

Small business is the lifeblood and job-creating engine of the economy and merits the positive attention so often saved for corporate bailout stories.

Here’s what we want you to do…

1. How to make your referral official. Think about the referral(s) you are going to make. Make your referrals. Then visit the Make a Referral Week Referral Counter Page and tell us who you referred and why in the comments. Feel free to add URLs so others can learn about the business you referred. Also, take in all the great educational content all week.

2. How to listen to the experts! Did you miss the live web conference on Tuesday, March 10 featuring Bob Burg (author of The Go-Giver) Ivan Misner (founder of BNI) and Bill Cates (author of Get More Referrals Now)? This is the A-Team when it comes to teaching the strategies of referral. Listen here.

3. How to learn more. The Referral Week blog will be taken over by guest contributions and audio interviews with folks like Andy Sernovitz, Guy Kawasaki, Pam Slim, Rich Sloan, Anita Campbell, Yours Truly, Michael Port and Jill Konrath all focused on telling you how to generate more business by way of referral.

Speaking of referrals, here are my five for the week:

1. CIO Services: They do all my web stuff. Amazing service and quality.

2. Harlan B. Hodge: Taught me everything I know about video. Helped NametagTV become a reality.

3. Paul Krupin. PR Genius. Got me in the Investor’s Business Daily (today!) and other news outlets.

4. Jeff Braun. My book designer for six years. Coolest dude ever, fabulous eye for page architecture, made my new book GORGEOUS.

5. Richard Avdoian.Writer, speaker, business coach. Helped me get my life together. Top Ten Greatest People of All Time.

How many referrals did you give this week?

For the list called, “24 Ways to Out GROW Your Competition,” send an email to me, and I’ll send you the list for free!

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