“Is there anyone in my life that I treat this way?”

It’s incredibly convenient to observe someone’s inappropriate behavior and immediately pass judgment on that person.

Man, that guy is really being rude to the waitress…

I can’t believe that woman just said that to her daughter!

How could she be so inconsiderate of the people around her?

See, our egos LOVE this stuff because these silent dialogues immediately make us feel superior to the people around us.

Ironically, pointing out someone else’s judgmental behavior IS, in fact, judgmental.

SO, HERE’S YOUR TASK: Turn inward.

Upon observing any type of foul behavior, use it as a mirror. A bell of awareness.

Ask yourself:

“Is there anyone in my life that I treat this way?”

That way, instead of pointing out others’ faults to camouflage your own, you can take this moment of introspection and create some movement in the development of your own character.

What do you see when you see people?

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